Coming Soon

Within the next year, we are looking to host a graphic novel here.

The web based graphic novel is a collaboration between myself and M. Roderick Weatherbee. We are both fantasy authors with our own take on the genre, that we decided to combine. His work more or so reflects a sci-fi twist, while mine reflects more of a divine mystery, together we get a sci-fi fantasy twist of an industrialized world.

The story will surround five individuals of a moonless world that has gone cyberpunk. The story will follow an engineer, two CEOs, an entrepreneur, and a cyber-biologist. The world is covered in technology. There are no forests left or even natural oceans, as even the oceans have been scraped off the surface and lifted up into the sky over all the domes of society into Sky Seas. Humanity lives within cities stacked on top of one another within domes. The upper class since a certain point have been living in spheres. Humans are all connected in a network that is embedded into their heads and bodies, a type of wetwear. Though this is not similar to the novel Feed, and you will see why…shhh. It’s spoiler if I tell…maybe.

The plot of the story picks up when the group comes together after they realize the world is dying from within, a lack of an understanding of the human expression, art, and spirituality. Their mission is to recreate the human spirit through spiritual doctrine. But don’t go thinking that this is a story to denounce or speak against atheists, or that atheism is illegitimate and creates the problem this world faces. That is not what this story is telling us. The story speaks on…well, you will see.

Here are some concept sketches of the graphic novel done up by M. Roderick Weatherbee:

TD sketch2

This image depicts some of our initial takes on the dome structures and of a particular event, of which I will let you all speculate on.

10466953_10202362336759626_757578404_n (1)

This is a character design of one of the CEO’s of the five. The spikes that you see are her wetwear networking. Wetwear  can be customized by the individual wearer, this isn’t always the case for the mass public.

TD Sketch2 September 2013

This sketch shows our exploration of an area of the world that is very far down the totem pole of technology. I won’t say anything more than that this area has no technology greater than steampunk.


This image captures more of what the actual dome cities look like on the inside, with a touch of the cyber skies above.

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