About The Librarian

A.J. Zaethe is a high fantasy author and student working on his BA in Creative Writing and Literature. Often challenged by academia on the credibility of fantasy, he has shown time and again that fantasy was the first form of literature to touch the world. Originating in legend and myth, fantasy found its first incarnation in the epic of Gilgamesh. Through these lenses of myth, legend, folk tale, fairy tale, and in modern times, the fantastical, the hero’s journey is not only expressed, but aspects of humanity that are hard to look at in most other genres. Aspects that can be expressed, even accepted, in the fantastical.

  • The horror of genocide is much easier to digest when it has happened to the “Vulcan”
  • Wars are easier to watch and accept when they happen on the lands of “Westeros”
  • Ending of innocents is consumable when murder and rape happen in made up villages across the decaying kingdom of the “Prince of Thorns.”

When the labels of humans or Earth or even the time of Earth is shifted, the horrors that humans are capable of are acceptable. Why? Because it isn’t “us” it’s “them.” But deep down, the audience knows that this is all just a mirror being held back up at them. And if this mirror can show them the “dark”, what kind of light can it reveal? Through his blog, AJ, hopes he can introduce readers to his own theories on worldbuilding and not only increase a world’s depth, but the believability of that world and its characters.

From the author, you are bid welcome to the Library of Theories.

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